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Community Health Insurance

As of 2008, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimated that one in every five adults in America – approximately 40 million people – do not have any health insurance. The CDC also estimated that 20 million people who currently have health insurance don't have enough to receive the care and/or prescriptions they need.

Who should we blame for all the uninsured and underinsured among us? Well, we can blame employers who have to lay off employees; we can blame employers who are cutting back on benefits; we can blame the government for not having a national health care system in place; or, we could be innovative and look to our own communities for the answers!

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What is community health insurance?

Community health insurance begins with a grassroots movement that is interested in helping residents with health insurance costs and coverage. Today, there are more than 600 communities who are working to:

  • Make sure people have access to health care services
  • Cut the cost of health care and insurance
  • Improve the coverage on health insurance plans
  • Coordinate services to make health care more effective

Examples of community health insurance in action

For example, the Roaring Fork Community Health Plan provides insurance to individuals and businesses. They help approximately 7,000 people through the network they've developed with hospitals and doctors in the region. The Roaring Fork Community Health Plan is not only interested in seeing that the residents stop remaining uninsured, but also in keeping people healthy and lowering the cost of good health care.

It takes time, planning, and money, but with the right people working toward a common goal, a community health plan is possible! Still, the real question remains: What do you do about your health insurance while you're waiting for your community to develop their own plan? If you are uninsured or underinsured, then take a minute to request a fast quote for health insurance in your community. There is no obligation to buy, and your request is completely free.

Our insurance professionals are ready to help you find the right health care plan that is affordable and provides the amount of coverage you need. Who knows? You could have a community health plan in your own backyard and not even know it!

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